How can you have travel brochures sent to you from Ireland?

How to Ignite your Irish Adventure from your Living Room

Just imagine yourself waking up to the enchanting tunes of an Irish fiddle, opening your eyes to the ethereal beauty of misty Irish moors, and indulging in a hearty local farm-fresh breakfast. Well, before diving headfirst into an overseas adventure, it is always best to take a test dive. Thankfully, Ireland's tourism industry can come to you first, through beautifully curated travel brochures.

The trick is to know how to get these escapades delivered straight to your doorstep. This post is all about that - a casual, friendly guide to flicking through the Irish countryside while sipping a cup of coffee on your porch here in Adelaide. As a constant daydreamer and someone who has a golden retriever named Charlie who loves to chew on international mail, I've converted my home into a global tourism hub, all via brochures.

Harvesting Green Wonders

There's a certain allure that urges us to immerse ourselves in the captivating green expanse of Ireland, but how do you do that without setting foot on the plane? Here are some ways to get Ireland to flutter into your mailbox.

Firstly, Ireland's official tourism website,, offers high-quality, comprehensive travel brochures that cover the entire country. They've categorized brochures into different themes like cultural heritage, natural wonders, family destinations, and places of historical interest. Once you land on their brochure request page, all you have to do is select your interests, fill in your address, and off goes your request. Charlie, my golden retriever, always gets ecstatic when the post arrives, so I have to be sure to reach it before him!

Next, look for specific local tourism websites such as 'Discover Northern Ireland' or 'Tourism Ireland' where they offer brochures featuring exclusive city or area guides. Bookmark their websites and check out the 'request' or 'order' sections. I once received a package from Derry City and it just made my day!

The Inside Scoop: Customise your Adventure

Beneath the popular must-visit destinations, there’s an Ireland brimming with hidden beauties. The secret is in reaching out directly to local tourism operators. Many of them offer tailor-made brochures based on your unique interests and travel preferences. The advantages? You'll be receiving insider recommendations and uncovering off-the-beaten-track gems.

I once emailed a local operator about my quirky interest in haunted forests, just for laughs. To my surprise, I received a fantastic brochure full of beautiful yet spine-chilling haunted Irish forests. The personalised note was a lovely touch - they even sent a small Buddha statue for good luck!

Digital Detours: Your Online Irish Gateway

Why limit ourselves only to physical brochures? The digital world offers a plethora of information with interactive maps, 3D tours, videos, and so much more. Digital brochures provide the same visual satisfaction as traditional ones, sometimes even more. They're environment-friendly, instantly available and cost zero dollars - which means more budget for the actual journey. All you need to do is sign up on some of Ireland's official tourism websites and they'll email you some fantastic e-brochures.

Also, check out destination-specific apps. You can tour Irish castles, engage in virtual treasure hunts, or learn to speak Gaelic - all from the comfort of your homes. And I must tell you, a side benefit of digital travel brochures is your pets won't chew your mail! Even Sherlock, my highly intellectual parrot, failed to crack them!

Moving Beyond Green: Unique Irish Experiences

Ireland is so much more than just its scenic landscapes; it's a land infused with culture, stories, music, cricket bread, and Guinness. Therefore, it's important to venture beyond traditional travel guidebooks and explore unique Irish experiences. Look for brochures that include special local recipes or those that talk about Ireland's supernatural folklore.

I once stumbled upon a brochure titled 'Irish Rock n' Roll - Discover the stories behind music legends'. It arrived with a DVD of classic Irish rock. That night, my neighbours had a free, albeit unsolicited, concert right through my windows!

The joy and anticipation of receiving a small piece of my dream vacation in my mailbox is something I genuinely treasure - until Charlie gets his jaws on them! So fellow daydreamers and explorers, why wait? Start requesting and plan your own emerald escape right here, right now.

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